Aduro Moving Images are a network of high-end post production professionals in London, UK

Colour and Finishing Services

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Aduro was founded in 2012 by award-winning colourist, Mike Leisegang, bringing together a team of talented craft practitioners across a range of technical and creative disciplines.

"Aduro is about quality, and quality is in the details." Mike Leisegang, Founder Aduro Moving Images

Mike started out as a photographer, and is passionate about delivering beautiful images and getting the very best quality from every frame. Mike is a meticulous artist, and ensures that all aspects of Aduro's work achieves that high level through care in the details.

Aduro is a network of post-production professionals, and we are always happy to discuss the needs of your project whatever the scale.


Aduro take storytelling seriously. Our network of offline editors use high-end tools and combined 50 years of experience to bring your stories to life on screen. Our editing credits include drama, documentary, feature film and broadcast.

We work in a traditional offline / online way - working with proxy files where necessary - meaning you can shoot at the highest possible quality, without sacrificing speed and flexibility of editing.

When the picture is locked, we can deliver EDLs, AAFs etc for grading, mixing and VFX, or internally conform on one of our high-end grading suites.


Visual Effects Services

The Aduro team now includes visual effects professionals alongside its offline and online post-production artists, including modelling, animation and compositing. We work with high-end tools so our experts can create invisible and beautiful VFX.

To add some magic, whether it is painting out TV aerials or a full CG shot, Aduro can now help meet the VFX needs of your production.


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