Mike has been known to the London International Awards Festival for a number of years due to his highly regarded and successful photographic work.

Kate Capstick — LIAA ( London )

Mike Leisegang has dealt extensively with our company, producing work of the highest standards.

Robyn Putter — Chief Executive Officer — Ogilvy & Mather

Passionate about his work, highly creative and technically superb.

Chris Marrington — Executive Creative Director — Grey Advertising

His attention to detail, understanding of the creative needs, and high level of professionalism has made him popular with all our creative teams.

Terry Murphy — Creative Director — S.M. Leo Burnett

In every instance I found Mike to be extremely skilled and professional, adding considerably to the creativity and quality of the creative work.

Gordon McIntyre — Creative Director — Young & Rubican

Mike has grown to be amongst the elite of photographers in South Africa.

Martin King — Client Service Director — BLGK Advertising

Mike has consistently delivered an extremely high standard of work and always has valuable input on the visualization and execution of whatever concept we bring to him.

Scharrer Edwards Advertising — Andrew Edwards — Creative Director

I have worked with Mike Leisegang for many years. In my view he is one of the top three photographers in South Africa working on many of our campaigns with outstanding results. His production values are there with the best in the world.

Mike Rossi — Creative Director — Freedman & Rossi

Mike’s work has always been of the highest standard. I am particularly impressed by the strength and scope of his technical knowledge of image Color grading and processing.

Joe Kennedy — Creative Director —Table Mountain Films

Mike was my partner in crime, my friend, a problem solver, and a very versatile photographer. Mike saved my life more times than I care to remember. I cannot think of a better relationship with any photographer than the one I had with Mike. It’s all about bringing ideas to life. And Mike never failed me.

Mark Hilltout — Head of Art — Johannesburg — Toronto — New York — London — Ogilvy

Michael was exceptional during the long color grading period on my Sci-Fi feature film “The Generator 2017”. He is the best colorist artist I’ve had the honor to work with. He is a professional who takes the art very seriously. He is reliable, experienced, hard working and punctual. As a bonus he is a lovely person with a great sense of humor and an infectious laugh. Michael is a very talented professional who made a major contribution to the success of the film. I look forward to working with him again!

Rudy Carpio

I had the pleasure to work with Mike on my last project and can easily say that he is the most dedicated and reliable colourist I came across so far. His input is highly appreciated and he is one of the nicest persons I have ever worked with. His knowledge and abilities on colouring film are beyond vast and I feel privileged to have worked with him.

Llie Zabascu

I was fortunate enough to work with Michael. He was the colorist on a short art film documentary, called Masquerading: To Hell and Back. The film was beautifully shot, but Michael uplifted and enhanced the creativity and aesthetics of the project. The result: a complex visual masterpiece thanks to the dedication and visual brilliance of Michael. He was professional and fast, working through nights, ready to talk about the picture at any time and willing to give his hours and input and work to a deadline. But, more than that he stuck to his convictions. He thought deeply about the characters, their milieu, their dreams, their landscape and he infused this intuition and blended it with his fine tuned sense of aesthetics. His sensitivity and vivid coloring underlined the drama. He literally “painted” every frame. And every frame is a masterpiece. He was an inspiration and took the film to another level. He also helped with so many uploads of the film in French and English subtitles. It was a really rewarding experience.working with Michael and I hope I collaborate with him again.

Sofia De Fay